Med-Linear™ Lead Screws

Industry Solutions

Our Most Precise Leadscrew product line specifically developed for the biological and medical OEM customers.


We have developed our Most Precise Leadscrew product line, MED-LINEAR™ for our Syringe / Infusion Pump and Fluid Dispensing drive screw OEM customers. This product line was specifically developed for the biological and medical, precision optics and laser industries where positioning and calibration in a small envelope are critical factors.

Our best thread products, manufactured from the finest materials and made with the highest standards, are reserved for products that enhance and preserve our lives. Strict accuracy and high surface quality of the Med-Linear™ lead screws gives your applications the accuracy and repeatability they require.

Reliance on Accuracy

Many biological and medical lead screw applications do not use closed-loop electronic feedback to determine the position of driven load. The motor is rotated a known amount and the screw moves the load a desired distance. These applications depend on the accuracy built into the threads. The Med-Linear™ line of drive screws was developed to ensure that there is sufficient accuracy in the threads so that only minimal feedback systems are required.

Demand for Compact Size

Size constraints are always a concern in today's leadscrew applications. Miniaturization is key to the features of many biological sciences and medical devices. The Noll Inc Med-Linear™ leadscrews provide all the accuracy you require, in a compact form.




  • Accurate thread leads.
  • Compact form factor.